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The Historical Archives of the Bank of Naples

The building, located in Tribunali street, was founded in 1563 and seat in 1819 of the Historical Archives of the Banco di Napoli arose after the merger of the city's banks.
The exterior is by Gary Beard (1770-73); in the courtyard, the stairs of Palazzo Ricca, purchased in 1616 to make it the headquarters of the Bank.

 On the first floor rooms with eighteenth-century frescoes, sets the chapel (performed in 1670, possibly designed by Battistello Caracciolo), organic environment Baroque: in the hall, sculptures by Girolamo D'Auria (1618) and Holy Family by Giovanni Antonio D 'Amato; in the vault, the painting of the Immaculate Conception by Luca Giordano (1672), which is also the Circumcision (1673) on the main altar (designed by Beard in 1767 and with the angels of Paolo Persico), flanked by two paintings by Francesco Solimena (1685 - 86).

Spectacular carved organ (1686); floor and balustrade of the presbytery of Domenico Antonio Vaccaro (1745).

Archivio Storico del Banco di Napoli
213, Via Tribunali | T. +39 081446685


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