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Museo Duca di Martina

Since 1927 the National Museum of Ceramics of Martina is located inside the Villa Floridiana, on the hill of Vomero.

Neoclassical mension of Ferdinando IV Bourbon’s second wife , Lucia Migliaccio duchess of Floridia. Today it keeps one of the most valuable collections of European and Eastern ornamental art.

The rich collection of objects collected in the second half of the nineteenth century by Placido de Sangro, Duke of Martina and donated to the city of Naples in 1911 by the nephew of these, Placido de Sangro counts of Marsi, happily reflects the climate of enthusiasm and renewed interest in the so-called minor arts which spread in Europe at that time.

The Duke of Martina, admirer and connoisseur of all kinds of artifacts, items purchased in the major capitals of Europe gathering, since the mid-nineteenth century, an impressive collection of artifacts minors: glass, leather, coral, ivory and porcelain and pottery mostly .

Museo Duca di Martina
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