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Charterhouse and San Martino Museum

The Charterhouse of San Martino is one of the most monumental sites of Naples. It is one of the finest examples of Baroque art and architecture along with the Royal Chapel of the San Gennaro's Treasure. It is situated on the hill of Vomero, next to Castel Sant 'Elmo.

The Neapolitan Charterhouse, dedicated to St.Martin bishop of Tours, was founded in 1325 for King Charles’ will, the Angevin Robert ‘s son. The huge structure is a work by Tino, the son of the sculptor Camaino and by Attanasio Primario.

Between the end of the 16th century and the 18th century the whole monastery was completely transformed by means of many artists.

The old kitchens house the section of the Nativity Scenes, whose starting unit, composed of the important collection by Cuciniello, has been enriching over the years with donations to become nowadays the most complete and important among the public and private Italian collections.

Since 1866, the Carthusian monastery houses the San Martino Museum, which was open to the public in the same year and was declared a national monument. By the will of the archaeologist Giuseppe Fiorelli the rooms were designed to collect evidence in a museum of life in Naples and the Southern Kingdom (United Kingdom of Naples and Sicily before and after the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies).

The Museum houses also the Prior’s Quarter, where la Vergine con Bambino e san Giovannino by Pietro Bernini is on display.

Certosa and San Martino Museum 
5, Piazzale San Martino | Napoli
T. +39 081558 6408 | +39 081 2294 502

Time: Thursday - Tuesday |from 08.30 am to 7.30  pm
(ticket office closed from 6.30 pm)


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