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Castel Sant'Elmo

The first mention of Castel Sant 'Elmo date back to 1275. In 1329 Roberto D'Angiò entrust its extension to the sculptor and architect Tino Camaino that transforms the building into a real palatium for the king and the court, a quadrilateral, with two towers; in 1348 is defined in the documents as castrum Sancti Erasmi for the presence there of a chapel dedicated to St. Erasmus.

In 1456 an earthquake causes the collapse of the towers and curtain walls with some of its restoration by the Aragonese. During the Spanish viceroyalty (1504-1707) the castle, and then called Sant'Ermo St. Elmo, perhaps for the corruption of the name Erasmus, is transformed into a defensive fortress on behalf of Don Pedro de Toledo (viceroy from 1532 to 1553) and the project entrusted to Pedro Luis Escriva, a military engineer in Valencia. The construction of the current configuration, star shaped, beginning in 1537 and in 1538 is placed on the entrance portal the inscription, surmounted by the emblem of Charles V the Habsburg double eagle.

This imposing building, partly derived from the rock (yellow neapolitan tuff) derives from an observation tower called Norman Belforte. Because of its strategic importance, the castle has always been a coveted possession, from his position (250 m) you can control the whole city, the bay, and the roads that lead from the hills surrounding the city.

First, the citadel of the troops, then a military prison, the huge complex has remained for centuries a body essentially alien to the development of society until it has become home for exhibitions and cultural events which have changed the vocation and, consequently, the role urban. The challenge was to bridge the 'distance' from the city and invent a different role for this monument. The castle itself as a multi-purpose center is intended to expand the world of culture due to the rich photographic archive and library of art history "Bruno Molajoli" that one of the show, with an auditorium that hosts conferences, concerts, theatrical performances and film.

Castel Sant'Elmo
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