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The veiled Christ and San Severo Chapel

San Severo’s Chapel, located in the heart of Naples, is bound to the popularity of its genial creator, Raimondo de Sangro, prince of San Severo (Torremaggiore 1710 – Napoli 1771), follower of the Enlightenment, a soldier, a man of letters, a patron of arts, the first meatro of the Neapolitan Masonry, and yet, most of all, a genial inventor. He granted an esoteric and obscure value to knowledge and this is why he was always reluctant to reveal its discoveries. Part of his knowledge can be deduced from the chapel’s symbolism, a real jewel of the baroque creativity, beauty and mystery.

Among its masterpieces are the “Veiled Christ”, famous for its marble texture of its veil, the “Release from deception” and cryptic anatomical models, an unresolved mystery still today: two skeletons or, according to some, the reconstrution of two skeleton with an impressive accurate reconstruction of the arteriovenous.

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