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Dolls Hospital of Naples

Just like a real hospital, some waiting for their turn! Crossing the border, in the back of the store, you arrive in the operating room: an old sewing machine and all the tools of the trade, scissors, hooks, needles and various strings. But patients are not human, but dolls and teddy bears and plastic of all kinds and all ages. We're talking Doll Hospital which is located in the heart of Naples since 1800.

It is not a museum, although they are small little ladies to visit well-dressed dolls, porcelain dolls, cloth, celluloid, paper mache and other old toys. The rest is not even an antique shop, because they are too full of life!

Dolls Hospital of Naples, is a particularly dense memory where, even today, skilled craftsmen, they take care of the Dolls "sick."
The hospital has no air of antique shops: it is instead a colorful toy store. Here dolls or teddy bears come alive! A true piece of him in the chaotic and always fascinating Street S. Biagio dei Booksellers.

Here it seems that time, but especially technological progress has not the slightest unchanged the work that has remained faithful in spirit and technique to the archaic model while retaining the technique but above all the passion that has always been the artisans of this family generation after generation have followed.

His story will probably began with a clumsy nurse who ran in the late nineteenth century to hand a doll. The woman most likely will be passed onto Via San Biagio dei Booksellers and will stop in front of the shop of Luigi Grasso, a stage designer intent to make the arrangement for the next show. He will have seen the craftsman concentrated to arrange the details of its special sets: puppets, marionettes, puppets lined or trimmed, bruised ended when some goofy actor. Our nurse will then thought to be able to avoid a scolding, because the dolls are very similar to puppets.

 Since then the work of the small hospital has never stopped, over generations, repair games of childhood. Grasso ended with the teacher in fact be in the shop parts, dolls of all types and species produced in the world. They came to his lab requests from all over Europe: adults linked to childhood memories, but also collectors looking for a reliable craftsman.

Walking around the small shop at number 81 is not a journey of introspection nostalgic but a pleasant promenade through the original art. Far from popular doll house (museum of nature and history), this small shop is a rather chaotic little refreshment, a place where you rescued the toys, where you can stay and watch the doctors work. The pieces were collected together in time, small adoptions certainly prevail where the characters of the theater, an old love of Don Luigi, as well as pastors of the eighteenth-century Neapolitan nativity scene and Pulcinella in all possible materials. The Dolls Hospital is a small laboratory is open all year, where Luigi, the grandson of the founder, and Tiziana, daughter, repair broken arms and legs of dolls from around the world, he renewed his clothes, he oliano gears.

Where: San Biagio dei Librai, 81 | Napoli
T.: +39 081 203067 | Mobile +39 339 5872274


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