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The mistery of the Sybil's cave


the Sybil Cave is a popular archaeological site located in Cumae, in Pozzuoli, in the province of Naples.
This enigmatic trapezoyd-shaped gallery, of 150 mt long, is a whole mistery: who built it? Not the Greeks, not the Romans, not the Etruscans… who then?

At the end of this gallery, lived the Sybil, a priestess whose origins are lost in myth, who prophetized future to Romans and to Greek warriors but in an ambiguous way so that every meaning and its opposite could be the right answer!

Furthermore, the Sybil was thousand year old since Apollo had given her immortality, under her own wish, but she forgot to ask for eternal youth, so she looked as an horrible old woman.

Where: Antro della Sibilla - Pozzuoli, Via Monte di Cuma
Ph.: + 39. 081 8543060


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