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10 April  - 21 July 2013

The general assembly of the Universal Forum of Cultures Foundation board of trustees unanimously approved the designation of the city of Naples as the venue for the fourth edition of the Universal Forum of Cultures.

Naples received the complete support of the Italian government, the Campania region and the Naples province. Thanks to this support and to the active participation of regional institutions and the central government, the event organization anticipates an investment of one thousand million euro (seven hundred million euro in public investments).

The Fourth Forum will last for 101 days. Its motto will be "the memory of the future" which will structure the core themes of the Universal Forum of Cultures : Cultural Diversity, Sustainable Development, Knowledge and Conditions for Peace.

The event will also entail a series of urban reforms, including the transformation of the old blast furnaces and the recuperation of the coastline. The Campania region has already assigned 500 million euro to the west Naples area. Other public resources -coming from the city council and the Naples province- will be invested in the project and private investments are predicted to compose about 40 % of the budget.

The Forum 2013 will have an Agora of approximately 400.000 square metres located between the stadium's square, Kennedy and Terracina streets, Giochi del Mediterraneo Avenue to the coastline and Coroglio.

The three main locations are of public property and management:

- Autonomous institution Mostra d'Oltremare (92% local entities and 8% CCIAA), 70 hectares.
- Fondazione Banco Napoli for children aid - former Ipab, managed by the Campania region, 40 hectares.
- Bagnoli and the Urban Transformation Society of the Bagnoli/Coroglio area, 300 hectares.

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