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The art city
Naples is a city that has grown in the last two millenniums thanks to the welcome given to foreigners and its ability to coexist with diverse cultures. Today the city, with its wonderful geographical location can be easily reached from every part of the world.
The great cultural patrimony of Naples is based on a number of different historical threads, artistic and archeological, though we shouldn’t neglect the modern creativity that allows Naples to never stop planning, developing, to always have new “arguments” available.

Naples is also a city by the sea, a city of light and at the same time full of dark underground passages, a city with a great cultural and artistic identity which can be seen in its many museums, castles, churches, piazzas, alleys and archeological remains. Every corner of the city holds works of immense artistic and historical value. The Museums exhibit collections of works of art and archeological remains which are among the most important and valuable in the world. But it’s not just ancient art. Two new sites for Contemporary Art have been established (the P.A.N. and the M.A.D.R.E.) inside existing beautiful and historic Neapolitan buildings. This has given the visitor the chance to discover a revitalized city full of cultural vivacity.

The gastronomic tradition

Welcome to Naples, therefore a magnificent city of art with an extraordinary architectural and geographic backdrop, the sea so close, the thousand different colors, the ancient walls and palaces, but also a city with a long gastronomic tradition, capital of the Mediterranean cuisine which represents an irresistible attraction. Not just for the true Neapolitan pizza, symbol of the Naples culinary tradition, but for other extraordinary dishes for all palates as well.

Reaching Naples

The harbour, the airport, the train station, the motorways and the new high-speed trains are the all important elements in the infrastructure that on the one hand has given Naples the role of being a fundamental transport hub for the Mediterranean, and, on the other, connected the city with the economies and cultures of Northern Europe and America. Reaching Naples is very easy. But it is even easier getting about in the city itself. The Public Transport system has three Metro lines and one in particular, Line 1, is noted for being the Metro line for Art as it has numerous works of contemporary art within the stations. There are also three funicular railways that allows visitors to reach in just a few minutes, some of Naples’ most striking and panoramic places to visit on the hills of Vomero and Posillipo. As well as this, there are of course, buses, trams and taxis that allow the visitor to easily explore the rest of the city.


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