Winter Weddings

The winter wedding is rich in suggestions and romanticism ! Get inspired by its colours and atmospheres to realize unique set ups with the fir perfumes or the vivid colours of tulips and to enjoy menus inspired to the Campanian tradition or to the festivities ! Here you will find menus thought to walk together with you in the most beautiful day with all the warmth of our passion!



The Funny Wedding  

A perfect combination between classic and modern and an informal solution of winter buffet with a detailed set up.  Enjoy the Funny wedding with friends and relatives.









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The Winter Forever

Love chills in a refined menu with culinary proposals according to the season and in a romantic feature, so that your fairy tale will be everlasting



The Christmas Wedding

Your wedding according to a perfect christmas spirit in line with the Neapolitan tradition to share with your beloved ones. An unforgettable day.

The Winter Wedding Med

Let the colours and savours of the winter Mediterranean wrap your wedding, overlooking the unique scenario of the Bay of Naples